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GrowLife, Inc. Partners with Cannabis Technology Company, Emerald Metrics

GrowLife, Inc. Partners with Cannabis Technology Company, Emerald Metrics

GrowLife, Inc. Announces Partner Agreement with Cannabis Technology Company to add Spectral Imagery to EZ-CLONE Systems

KIRKLAND, Wash. – June 2019 — GrowLife, Inc. (OTC: PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced that the Company has entered a partner agreement with award-winning cannabis technology Emerald Metrics, LLC to add proprietary technology to the Company’s cloning and propagation product line.

Through this agreement, GrowLife will add spectral imagery technology to the Company’s EZ-CLONE Pro commercial propagation system which gives plant cultivators invaluable insight into the health of the clones being grown in the system. Through this advanced software, cultivators are given advance notice about the clone’s health and any other issues that may be occurring with enough time to take action, well before any issues can be seen by the naked eye. Emerald Metrics has been granted a provisional patent for its Clone Imaging System, which is a unique hardware, software and mechanical solution for commercially viable clone health analysis through spectral imagery.

The agreement between the companies demonstrates the increased demand for technological advancements in cannabis and hemp cultivation and cloning. Cultivators need healthy and consistent clones in order to meet the volume the market is demanding, while keeping costs down and remaining profitable. This technology, paired with benefits of cloning and measurable advantages of using the EZ-CLONE systems, will enable cultivators to grow a greater number of viable plants than normally seen in table-top cloning or plants grown from seeds.

“We are constantly developing ways to add value to our renowned EZ-CLONE propagation systems and partnering with such an advanced and well-versed company such as Emerald Metrics seemed to be the perfect fit,” said GrowLife Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Joseph Barnes. “We understand that cloning is the future of plant cultivation in both the cannabis and hemp industries. With both companies situated at the forefront of clone technology, this agreement will elevate the way both companies work and provide our customers with the increased level of technology and advancements they desire. It also enables them to produce healthier and more viable plants than any other technology on the market.”

There is a growing demand for healthy clones as the cannabis industry continues to expand. The global hemp market is expected to reach $5.7 billion across all markets by the year 2020, representing a three-year compound annual growth rate of 17.5%, according to The Global State of Hemp. Additionally, the ArcView Group recently released a report which examined the economic multiplier effects through which U.S. consumer spending on legal cannabis in 2021 of $20.8 billion would generate almost $40 billion in overall economic impact, 414,000 jobs, and more than $4 billion in tax receipts. (Source)

Learn more about Emerald Metrics by visiting their website,

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