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GrowLife Cube Pro Series

The Complete System for Growing Indoors

Each GrowLife Cube Pro contains a Grow Tent, Light w/Ballast, Push Button Light Hanger, Carbon Filter, Inline Fan, Clip-on Fan, Ducting, GFCI Power Strip, and Digital Timer. You can then further customize your Cube with a wide array of add-on options.

For those who wish to have it all, you can try our GrowLife Cube Pro Deluxe editions which come in ready to go Hydroponic or Soil based configurations. These Deluxe packages include a Grow Tent, Light w/Ballast, Push Button Light Hanger, Carbon Filter, Inline Fan, Clip-on Fan, Ducting, GFCI Power Strip, Digital Timer, Thermometer/Hygrometer, ph Meter, 4 way Analyzer, Ec/TDS Meter, Hydroponic Buckets / Fabric Pots (depending which edition you choose), Pest Control, and Nutrients.

Each Cube can be further tailored with additional nutrient and bloom enhancement products, including 100% organic options.

GrowLife Cube Pro Design It Your Way

The GrowLife Cube Pro allows you the freedom to customize your Cube however you’d like. Starting with a base package of top shelf components, add or subtract the pieces you want or need, or contact one of our grow professionals to help you choose just the right set up for you.

The GrowLife CUBE Pro Deluxe 9’ x 9’ Hydro Edition Includes:
Growlab 290 9.6×9.6 Tent
Sun System® Diamond® LEC® Brand 315 Watt Fixture 3100/4200K Lamp (4pcs)
Sun Grip Push Button Light Hanger 1/8 in (4pcs)
Black Ops Carbon Filter 6 in x 16 in 400 CFM
Hurricane Inline Fan 6 in 435 CFM (4pcs)
ThermoFlo SR Ducting 6 in x 25 ft
Hurricane Classic Clip Fan 6 in (4pcs)
Grower’s Edge Large Display Thermometer / Hygrometer
Milwaukee pH Meter pH600 AQ
Luster Leaf Rapitest 4 way analyzer
HM Digital Water Resistant Ec/TDS Meter w/ Temperature in C/F Hydrotester
Power All Indoor GFCI Power Strip 4 Outlet 125 Volt 6 ft Cord
Titan Controls Apollo 9 – Two Outlet Digital Timer
Flo-n-Gro Ebb & Flow System – 12 Site
AzaMax 4 oz
Safer Insect Killing Soap II Conc. 16 oz
Maxigro 2.2lbs
Maxibloom 2.2lbs

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